LimeBox Networks is the company behind the LimeVoice communication platform. We are a dedicated group of visionaries, engineers, developers, technicians, and rockstars in our respective fields that have joined forces to create and deliver best of breed communication technologies that focus on quality, flexibility, feature set, and user experience. Our technologies power many well known platforms in the marketplace. The LimeBox team works tirelessly to further the evolution of communications for all of mankind. Born during our time at a US Army Technology Center, the LimeVoice Platform was designed from the ground up to break the mold of single use systems and provide a truly universal communication platform.

The LimeVoice platform includes all the features of larger, more costly telephone systems like conferencing, call recording, call queues, IVR functionality, voicemail, unified communications and many other features in one system. LimeBox has an easy-to-use, customizable, web-interface that makes it simple to manage phone calls and integrate with other business applications.

LimeBox Networks only sells through a network of highly-trained, certified and authorized LimeVoice Partners.  LimeVoice Partners undergo a rigorous training program to ensure the highest levels of service to our end clients.  Our mission is simple – develop the most advanced, intuitive, highest quality communication solutions, and maintain the highest level of service – period.