What is LimeVoice?

LimeVoice™ is a new type of communication platform that blends the best of hosted and premise based solutions. LimeVoice can be deployed in the cloud, on a clients premise (even with legacy telco circuits), or private collocation facility. LimeVoice is delivered as a fully managed service with 24/7 monitoring and technical support.

Where Does LimeVoice Fit?

LimeVoice™ excels when it comes to fit. In fact, the LimeVoice platform was designed to be the most flexible platform on the market today. Our single platform can meet any deployment scenario, and most importantly, your specific needs.

A few LimeVoice use cases.
– Distributed Organizations
– Disaster Recovery Requirements
– Leveraging MPLS WAN
– Risk Adverse Culture
– Can’t Afford Call Quality issues
– Tied to a Carrier Contract
– Wants Equipment in the closet
– Worried about Technology Obsolescence
– Doesn’t Want to Make a Large Upfront Capital Expenditure

Is LimeVoice Hosted or Premise-based?

LimeVoice is an exciting new class of communication platform. The LimeBox solution can be deployed in every deployment scenario. This allows LimeVoice provider to deliver the solution that works best for your business, not the one they have to sell…

What type of phones does LimeVoice require?

LimeVoice supports high quality Open Standard SIP phones from Polycom, and Cisco.

Can I install LimeVoice myself?

LimeVoice is sold exclusively through a highly trained network of resellers who will provide all the necessary expertise to deliver your LimeVoice service and train your staff. Since LimeVoice is delivered as a fully managed service, we leave you free to focus on your core business.

Can I keep my existing carrier?

Absolutely. LimeVoice works with all carriers and is capable of interconnection via PRI, SIP, or POTS lines. Sound confusing? Dont worry, your LimeVoice authorized reseller will be happy to guide you through all of the acronyms.

What about upgrades in the future?

With LimeVoice you need not worry about technology obsolescence, new features and upgrades are pushed automagically to all LimeVoice systems through our military encrypted cloud management network.

Can I use my company’s existing phones with LimeVoice?

LimeVoice supports mostly all non-EOL Open Standard phones from Polycom, Cisco, and Aastra. We eliminate the need to purchase new handsets for clients migrating away from a bad hosted experience. You have suffered enough.

What type of redundancy does LimeVoice offer?

LimeVoice offers multiple levels of redundancy for varying business continuity requirements. From redundant trunking to full cloud based fail-over services the LimeVoice excels where traditional premise based systems fail.

Can LimeVoice handle paging?

LimeVoice supports intercom, overhead paging equipment, all-paging, and paging groups. LimeVoice can mix and match zones and interop with SIP and legacy overhead systems.

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