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Would You Like to Earn Industry Leading MRC Margins as a LimeVoice Reseller?

LimeVoice resellers have a distinct advantage in the marketplace over their competition.

The LimeVoice platform is unique when compared to current hosted or premise based systems. Built from the ground up to simplify the way you deploy, support, and manage your customers, LimeVoice is the single platform that truly matches all client needs. LimeVoice, across every deployment scenario is managed and monitored from a single unified web portal. This gives LimeVoice Resellers an edge over their competition, to truly compete for business regardless of the requirements and without the burden and ongoing expense of training their support staff or clients on many diverse platforms.

The bottom line is simple, LimeVoice Resellers earn higher margins, have lower support costs, and keep more of their customers.

The LimeVoice Value to Resellers:

  • Easy to Sell
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Easy to Support
  • Highest Margins in the Industry
  • Single Platform to Learn
  • Unique Deployment Flexibility
  • Unified Web Portal
  • Big Enterprise Features
  • Customizable
  • Plug & Play Turn-Up
  • 24/7 Expert Reseller Support
  • Scalable
  • Extensible


LimeBox solutions are sold as a monthly subscription service and only through our authorized resellers.  If you are a Interconnect, or MSP and interested in learning more about how the LimeBox solution can fit in your store of product offerings for small to mid-sized businesses click the button below to get started.

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