The platform that started it all, LimeVoice is deployed in the cloud or on premise and managed through an easy to use web portal. LimeVoice delivers business class features, scalability, and carrier flexibility, to solve the most challenging customer requirements.


Potential customer tied into a carrier contract? Demanding customer deployment requirements? Flexibility is where the LimeVoice Platform really shines. Dont wait to convert that lead, deploy LimeVoice on-premise now, then convert to cloud when the contract is up, seamlessly and without any migration fees.


LimeVoice platform was designed from the ground up to grow with your customers business, eliminating redundant capital expenditures and downtime associated with traditional communication systems. LImeVoice platform can expand resources dynamically, in the middle of a busy day, with no service interruption.


Whether deployed on premise, or in the cloud, all of your customers LimeVoice Instances are available 24/7 via our secure, easy to use, Reseller Portal. No more searching around for VPN access to sites or initiating remote desktop sessions, manage all of your cloud and geographically diverse on-premise customers from the same simple portal.

For over a decade the LimeVoice platform has been solving complex communication challenges for customers nationwide. From carrier lock-in to custom applications, on premise or in the cloud, LimeVoice fits where hosted VoIP and traditional PBX phone systems fall short.