SIP trunking with SIPConnect connects business phone systems to the PSTN using a simple internet connection instead of traditional phone lines or costly PRI circuits.


SIP Trunking with SIPConnect eliminates the need for physical connections to the phone company and allows you to deliver service to you customers over their existing broadband connection. There is no hardware, wiring, or circuit boxes to maintain for connection to the PSTN


SIPConnect provides multiple mechanisms of survivability to keep your customers connected even in times of on-premise disasters. From auto fail-over to a redundant PBX system to forwarding to an off-net number when client CPE is unavailable, SIPConnect breaks the limitations of traditional voice circuits.


SIPConnect not only provides considerable savings for your customers and high margins for your business, it also simplifies your deployments, shortens installation timelines, and removes the headaches associated with traditional telecommunications companies.

Save your customers up to 70% versus traditional voice circuits.  SIPConnect provides for considerable savings for your customers, while simplifying support and delivering high margins for your business.