Carrier Services


Carrier Services is the VoIP reseller billing platform that allows you to simplify the complex task of billing your VoIP customers. Complete, real time billing of resources and usage, all from a simple, easy to use web application.


We've done all the hard work to make the Carrier Services platform simple to use. You can enjoy extremely simple “low-touch” recurring monthly billing for your customers services and usage. No more digging through spreadsheets or guessing at margins, Carrier Services will have you done in no time, all from an easy to use web portal.


Carrier Services enables you to provide detailed invoices to your customers specifying exactly what they are being charged. Detailed inline call records, and service / line charge details inspire confidence that your customers are working with a professional service provider.

Feature Complete

Carrier Services provides a complete billing solution for your business. Ordering, provisioning, billing, taxing, customer portal, customer self care, payment processing, reporting, fraud prevention, are only a few of the features of the Carrier Services billing platform.

Stop wasting your valuable human resources processing your monthly customer billing. Switch to Carrier Services and reclaim those resources to grow your business.